Another nice big house :)

Tweet I am back in Sweden again. My visit to England was absolutely LOVELY!! It was, as always, a delight to be with my beloved sister again and to spend time with her and her boyfriends Jake. I also got to see some dear friends who I haven’t met in what feels like forever, I got to see my fantastic voice teacher who I haven’t been to in over two years (that is, my voice teacher in England. I have another equally fantastic voice teacher here in Sweden whom I go to on a regular basis) and have a lesson … Continue reading

The hunt for the “picturesque” picture

Tweet Here I am in England now, having a lovely time. My sister and I just got back from a beautiful long walk in the glorious sunshine (yes, the weather has been absolutely perfect while I’ve been here so far, sunny and warm every day. When I left home there was still some snow on the ground and ice on the lakes… I wasn’t prepared for it being summer here!). I have already written about St Albans, the beautiful city where my sister is living at present, on here before. It is a very old city, filled with historical things … Continue reading