My readers are the best! :)

Tweet I once again want to thank you for your fantastic responses to my previous post. It was such an encouragement to read your thougths and opinions. And once again it was a reminder to myself of how sometimes when battelling a question in my mind and coming to no conclusion sometimes asking for help isn’t such a bad idea really. Because I can really be one of those persons who won’t ask for help but will try to solve everything myself. And the silly thing about it is that I know people are often so happy to help! So … Continue reading

Thoughts regarding this blog

Tweet You have probably all noticed that when it comes to this blog I have long been struggling to keep it going the way I used to. And I feel this is something I want to talk to you about.   Of course one of the reasons that I have been posting less often is simply because of life getting in the way, different things that keep me busy or just simply a lack of energy for writing. But apart from this there is also the fact that I don’t quite know where to take the blog from here. I … Continue reading

Since I last talked to you…

Tweet First of all let me thank you for your comments that made me feel very welcome back into blogging! It is so nice to know people are still reading this! 🙂 So let me give you a short update on what has been going on in my life these months when I’ve been all quiet on here. As you know my boyfriend moved over here from New Zealand a year ago and having him here is of course amazing. Moving to a new country the way he has though requires quite a bit of paperwork and permits and registratering … Continue reading

Hey hello!!

Tweet Hello everyone! I don’t know if any of my readers are still out there, following this  sadly neglected blog, but if you are I am now back and I am so sorry for how long it has been!!! Things have been busy and there has been some big changes in my life this last year which has at times had me feeling a little overwhelmed, and that is why I fell behind with this blog. But I have missed it and now feel I am in a place where I am ready to take it back up again, and … Continue reading

A little update and a confession… of sorts

Tweet At long last I finally get around to log in here. I am ashamed of how long its been, again. 🙁 After my last post first we had a very busy week with about 130 people here for a camp we annually arrange at our little farm. It was a great and fun week. When everyone had left I was looking forward to sitting myself down with my laptop and catching up on things, but we had no internet. It wasn’t our fault, something was broken that our internet providers needed to change (I must also add here that … Continue reading

I’m still here! :)

Tweet Hello everyone! Yes, I know, I have been absent from this blog a very long time now. 🙁 And you know what, I have no exciting reason for this. No exciting reason whatsoever. The way things have been lately the blog has just been a bit neglected, which is not what I want. At the same time I think it may have been good for me, to take a little break, and hopefully now I can back to it with a renewed vigour! I don’t know you all personally, but even so I am thinking about anyone out there … Continue reading

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