I’m dreaming of summer (and Downton Abbey!)…

Tweet Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…! It’s been shockingly long since I updated my blog! I am heartily ashamed of myself! In my defence though I have been very busy lately. Right now I am both working and studying (doing a distance course) and it is unfortunately taking up a great deal of my time these days. It is only temporary however and will not last for very long (thankfully!), but that is the reason why my dear little blog has been so sadly neglected! Here in Sweden winter is here in full force! After a relatively mild autumn and … Continue reading

September is getting closer…

Tweet I remember a time when I would post something here on my blog every day…. What happened to my ability to do that?? Things feel slightly weird in my life right now, it feels like there is a lot going on while at the same time it feels like absolutely nothing is happening. You know that feeling? I’m sure we’re all there sometimes. So, September is now definitely getting closer, which is something I both like and don’t. I don’t like it because I want summer to last a long time, but I like it because that means my … Continue reading

Choir and Prejudice

Tweet I’ve just come back from doing a performance with the choir. It went well and all that, but that was not what I was going to write about. In between rehersing and the actuall performance (or whatever you’d call it) there is always coffee. (For those who are not familiar with Sweden and Swedish customs I will tell you that for most people here, coffee drinking is a highly important activity. And whatever you do and wherever you go you can almost be certain that there is going to be coffee. And cinnamon buns.) So as always we were … Continue reading

A very random post of this and that

Tweet So my dear friends, today I sit down at the computer with absolutely no idea of what I am going to write. I have no plan for this post, only the feeling that it is time I write something. So I cannot tell you where this will lead to. There, I’ve given you fair warning now, so let us proceed. I do believe that at long last we have left winter behind us. It has been the most gorgeous and splendid winter you could possibly imagine! Since October the ground has been covered in a thick layer of glittering … Continue reading

It’s Christmas Time! :)

Tweet “You are all to come to Pemberley at Christmas” so writes Elizabeth in her letter to Mrs Gardiner in the very end of Pride and Prejudice. We are going to have lots of people here for Christmas this year, I have a feeling it’s going to get pretty crowded. Especially as it is now -25 outside (according to the online converter I found, that would be 13 degrees Fahrenheit), so no one will be wanting to spend too much time outdoors. Brrrr….  We are going to be at least 14 people here, possibly 19, depending on whether one family … Continue reading

Spending time with a dear friend

Tweet I’ve been very pleasantly busy these last few days and therefor have not posted anything. My dear friend Isadora has been paying me a visit and I was so glad to see her! Of course I always am, but this time it has been more than commonly long since the last time we met! We had a great time; talking and catching up on each others lives, taking long walks, baking, and also watching some nice period dramas! We realized, when we were going to decide which period drama to watch (that we should watch anything else was never … Continue reading

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