Life lesson learned while sewing

Tweet A while ago I was about to get started on a new sewing project, one which was rather complicated (my pink and black jacket that I showed you some time ago, if you remember). The pattern I had found for it was in a Burda magazine, and it not only had countless pieces but on the paper they were all mixed together with all the other patterns in the magazine! At first glance it all looked like a big mess, and my heart sank as I saw it. How was I ever to be able to transfer those hundreds … Continue reading

And so this year draws to a close

Tweet It’s New Yeas Eve and the end, not only of a year but of a decade! On this day, every year, I find myself thinking of all the thins that have happened to me and in the world over the year that has been. This hasn’t always been the easiest year I would say for me. There has been many challenges and opportunities for learning (another way of saying problems). But it has also been a wonderful year in so many ways! I have been able to do so many amazing things, met so many wonderful people and learnt … Continue reading

‘Tis the season

Tweet Today I can actually feel that Christmas is close, just around the corner. For me it hasn’t felt very Christmasy up to this point, which I am rather sorry for as I love the feeling of Christmas! But today I woke up to the most glorious weather ever! It’s freezing cold (around -18C) but oh, so beautiful! The sun was shining. Everything glitters, like someone has covered the world with thousands upon thousands of tiny diamonds! It was truly stunningly beautiful! We went outside admiring it all, the snow covered threes and the ice sculptures down by the lake. … Continue reading

I know it’s been a while, but I’m still here!

Tweet My poor blog, it has been shamefully neglected of late! I am quite ashamed of myself! And I know this sounds like a very lame excuse, but I have actually been rather busy… At the moment I’m up to my ears in sewing. Nothing as exciting as historical clothes or anything like that; right now I am making a whole bunch of aprons for a Christmas fair that I’ve said I’ll take part in. That is in about a week, and I still have quite a way to go. I’ve had a lot of work trying to find the … Continue reading

I need help!

Tweet Now we have entered the month of November, and every year the same thing happens… Here in Sweden, where I live, this is the time when all the leaves have fallen of the trees, when everything is grey and it’s raining. Everything is grey! And that has lead to me feeling like I’ve lost all of my creativity and over the last few days I have found it utterly impossible to come up with anything at all to write here! Yesterday I did receive my favorite magazine with the mail, (for those who can’t guess which that is its … Continue reading

Summer days

Tweet We are in the very middle of summer now (oh my, where has all the time gone?!). And even though we don’t have particularly warm weather around these parts at the moment (I haven’t gone swimming for weeks!) there are other things that tell you it’s summer. Right now we are in the midst of the berry season. Aaah, what a lovely season that is! There are berries everywhere around here now! Raspberries, cherries, blueberries…. Just a few kilometers from our house there is this place, in the forest, where there are just sooo many blueberries!! Whichever direction you … Continue reading

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