History + food + TVseries = great combination

Tweet Several years ago there was a series done by BBC entitled The Supersizers Go… (fill in with name of an era). This is a brilliant series about history, food and the customs and etiquette that surrounds it put together to create a piece of both informative and wonderfully amusing entertainment! I began watching it first a couple of years ago. I saw one episode and quite enjoyed it but forgot about it again and didn’t watch any more. It wasn’t until relatively recently when I by chance happened to come across them again and started to get more into … Continue reading

The hunt for the “picturesque” picture

Tweet Here I am in England now, having a lovely time. My sister and I just got back from a beautiful long walk in the glorious sunshine (yes, the weather has been absolutely perfect while I’ve been here so far, sunny and warm every day. When I left home there was still some snow on the ground and ice on the lakes… I wasn’t prepared for it being summer here!). I have already written about St Albans, the beautiful city where my sister is living at present, on here before. It is a very old city, filled with historical things … Continue reading

Feeling a bit under the weather :(

Tweet My apologies for the lack of post of late, and for not posting pictures of the dress like I promised I would. I have spent the last few days in bed with a cold and have not been able to finish the dress like I planned to. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow, if I am well enough by then to go and do some sewing, and complete the last few little things I have left on the dress. I also have an event I am planning to attend tomorrow, but the way things are looking at this moment … Continue reading

A walk through historic Örebro

Tweet My dear mama and I have just come back from the nearby town of Örebro. We went there yesterday to a concert with a Swedish folk music group, (they played a kind of modernized folk music, it was very good!) and since it got quite late we stayed the night with my grandmother who lives there. It isn’t far, but we were in no mood for driving back anyway. This morning we walked about town looking in shop windows (alas mostly in the windows as the majority of the smaller shops that we looked at were closed today) and … Continue reading

This Delightful Habit of Journalising

Tweet “I see what you think of me,’ said he gravely – ‘I shall make but a poor figure in your journal tomorrow.’ ‘My journal!’ ‘Yes, I know exactly what you will say: Friday, went to the Lower Rooms; wore my sprigged muslin robe with blue trimmings – plain black shoes – appeared to much advantage, but was strangely harassed by a queer, half-witted man, who would make me dance with him, and distressed me by his nonsense,’ ‘Indeed I shall say no such thing.’ ‘Shall I tell you what you ought to say?’ ‘If you please.’ ‘I danced with … Continue reading

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