A visit to historic Nyköping

Tweet Together with my sister Viktroia and my grandmother I went for a visit yesterday to the city of Nyköping, which is about an hour away from where I live. The reason we went there was because there was a sort of medieval fair there that day. It’s called Hertig Karls Marknad, which would mean something like The Duke Karl’s Market (or fair). None of us had ever been to this one before, so we decided to make a day out from it and go there. It was pretty nice. The fair in itself wasn’t very big, but they sold … Continue reading

Is letter writing a lost art?

Tweet I have spent the whole afternoon writing letters to a couple of my friends, and this was a question I kept pondering the whole time. For centuries, letters were the only way people had of communicating with those who lived in another town, city, part of the country or indeed, another part of the world. It was the way you stayed in contact with family members and friends, kept updated on each others lives. It was the way news were delivered. There was just so much that happened through letters! Letters were an important part of the society. For … Continue reading

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