Opera in Georgian Costume

Tweet Before I start this post let me warn you right away that it will be very picture heavy! I have been wanting to write this for literally a year now, and am sad it has been so long in coming. I can’t remember if I ever mentioned last year that I was trying out a new era with my sewing, the Georgian era. I had been contemplating thsi for quite a while but you know how it is, it isn’t so quick and easy to just jump into a new era just like that, building up a complete outfit … Continue reading

Bath part 4 – Finally getting to try playing a harp!

Tweet Next day the rain was pouring down, again. I spent the morning NOT in costume going out for lunch with a good friend and getting a few things done. Then in the afternoon I had a lesson planned so I wanted to dress up for that. This lesson was a harp lesson, or workshop. The Jane Austen center organizes  harp workshops sometimes and I wanted to try that last year but it was sold out, so I was excited to get to try it this year. It was as part of the deal with this group I was staying … Continue reading

Napoleonic weekend in Lucca 3 – Grand ball

Tweet The grand ball at this event was, very conveniently for me, taking place at the same hotel where I was staying. This meant that we, me and my three room mates, were obviously the last people to arrive at the ball. 😛 You know when you think you have all the time in the world to get ready, you just need to get into a dress, do your hair and you’re more or less ready. And since it would literally only take us seconds to get where we needed to go we were in no hurry. So yes, we … Continue reading

A song you might all recognize…

Tweet Just a short post today. I thought I would post a video of me singing a song, an aria from Mozart’s opera The Marriage of Figaro. The song is called Voi Che Sapete and I think any devoted Janeite will recognize it (at least those who have seen the 1995 version of Pride & Prejudice). This was filmed in February when I had been asked to sing at a small music event here close by where I live. I am occasionally asked to do something like that, but this was really the first time where I could pretty much … Continue reading

Happy New Year! :)

Tweet Happy New Year all my dear readers!!!! I know, it’s been the new year for almost a week already now, but I haven’t gotten around to wishing you a happy one before this. But better late than never, as the saying goes. 🙂 I hope the new year has begun absolutely splendidly for you! I’ve been pretty busy. I very recently started working at a local company (it’s just across the lake) where I will work for a couple of months. This means that I will be rather busy during that time, but I shall do my best to … Continue reading

Jane Austen Grand Regency Ball – Bath part 9

Tweet Here we go, my last update from this years Jane Austen festival. We have now arrived at the last day of the festival, and the day of the big Farthingale Ball. In the morning that day I ran around the city doing a few last minute things, shopping and some other things I needed to do before leaving. In the afternoon there was to be a dance workshop in the Assembly Rooms, in preperation for the ball that night. We all walked up there, looking forward to the dancing and the promised afternoon tea, however unhappy news awaited us! … Continue reading

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