Bath part 3 – Dancing!

Tweet Finally we have internet access again at home! It’s been down for a week now for some strange reason, but now it’s back again! On the Sunday after the promenade I had two events I was going to attend. The first of those was the Regency Dance workshop, same as I went to last year and where I that time had the good fortune of meeting some lovely new friends! It was the same lady who instructed us in the dances as last year, Diana Campbell is her name and I think she is very good at instructing, I … Continue reading

Florence – part 4 – Jane Austen Day at the Villa

Tweet The next day I stayed in my apartment all morning till it was time to leave again at 1. I will admit that I was rather tired from the night before… So I got myself ready, in my white dress that you have all seen many times before this time, and headed out. We were to meet up at a bus stop, not too far from where I was staying. And from there we were to take a bus (surprise, surprise, I don’t think anyone could have guessed that’s what we were going to do at a bus stop! … Continue reading

Florence – part 3 – Grand Napoleonic Ball

Tweet I decided to go ahead and jump straight on to the first ball now. The Grand Napoleonic Ball that was held on Saturday evening in the impressive Villa del Poggio Imperiale. I mentioned this place previously when I first decided that I was going to Florence. At one point it was the home of one of Napoleon’s sister, the Grand Duchess of Tuscany, Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi.  And this is what it looks like: Rather grand isn’t it?! 😉 This palace is located not far at all from the city center. So a short walk and then a short taxi … Continue reading

Florence – part 2 – Dance class

Tweet To continue… After I had finished with the Uffizi Gallery (or rather been thrown out, since I was there until they closed) I headed back to my apartment to get changed for the dance run-through that evening. Originally the class was supposed to be held in a dance studio, but there was a change of venue just shortly before and now we were going to be in the Palazzo Borghese right in the center of Florence. I don’t think anyone was unhappy about that at all, because this place was gorgeous! It is apparently considered to be one of … Continue reading

Regency Dancing in Stockholm

Tweet I did feel a little better yesterday, and so I was able to go to the event I mentioned briefly in my previous post. What that event was was a Regency dance class in Stockholm. I had come to hear about that over Facebook actually, and (surprise, surprise) really liked the sound of it! So I went up to Stockholm yesterday. Had a few hours there before the dance started during which time I actually managed to find a pair of gloves, that I bought. 🙂 And then I headed to where the dance was to take place. Finding … Continue reading

I long for a ball!

Tweet It may be possible to do without dancing entirely. Instances have been known of young people passing many, many months successively, without being at any ball of any description, and no material injury accrue either to body or mind; But when a beginning is made—when felicities of rapid motion have once been, though slightly, felt—it must be a very heavy set that does not ask for more. ~Emma I long for dancing! I really do! And by dancing of course I don’t mean just any dancing, but the kind of dancing that they are referring to in the quote … Continue reading

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