Since I last talked to you…

Tweet First of all let me thank you for your comments that made me feel very welcome back into blogging! It is so nice to know people are still reading this! 🙂 So let me give you a short update on what has been going on in my life these months when I’ve been all quiet on here. As you know my boyfriend moved over here from New Zealand a year ago and having him here is of course amazing. Moving to a new country the way he has though requires quite a bit of paperwork and permits and registratering … Continue reading

New sewing project; Regency fall-front trousers

Tweet As I said in the end of my last post I have a new sewing project to share! A pair of Regency gentleman’s fall-front trousers. As I also said in my last post my boyfriend has just moved over here to Sweden and these trousers were for him. I haven’t really introduced him to you all before but I think it is time I do so, you will be seeing and hearing alot about him in the future on this blog. His name is Andrew and he is from New Zealand, hence the reason we haven’t met for a … Continue reading

I’m part of a photo exhibition!

Tweet So I leave for Bath in the morning, and I’m running around like crazy packing the last things and being convinced I have forgotten to do something important. So all is as it usually is the night before going somewhere. 😛 I actully managed to squeeze in a short little visit to Stockholm today in the afternoon, to sort out a few errands but mostly to attend the opening of an exhibition of photography at the Kulturhuset in the center of the city. Earlier this year I was contacted by a lovely young lady who studies photography and who … Continue reading

A little update and a confession… of sorts

Tweet At long last I finally get around to log in here. I am ashamed of how long its been, again. 🙁 After my last post first we had a very busy week with about 130 people here for a camp we annually arrange at our little farm. It was a great and fun week. When everyone had left I was looking forward to sitting myself down with my laptop and catching up on things, but we had no internet. It wasn’t our fault, something was broken that our internet providers needed to change (I must also add here that … Continue reading

Story of a dress: my blue ballgown

Tweet You’ve seen it already in pictures, I wore it to the ball in Holland. This dress was one which caused me multiple headaches and unnecessary worry. I don’t know why I was so obsessed about it, wanting it to be perfect, and of course wanting something to be perfect puts the pressure on. I had grand ideas and plans, I was going to make an embroidered silk gown that would stunn everyone to silence when they saw it. I realised after a couple of attempts that I have no skills whatsoever when it comes to embroidery! Maybe it’s not … Continue reading

Step by step how I made my Regency hat

Tweet The second part of my outfit was the hat. And I shall make a confession now as to how I made that one… First of all, I really wanted a HAT for this outfit. Not a bonnet. I will admit something to you here, I’m not actually a massive fan of Regency bonnets. There are some that I like sure, but in general I have to say they are not my favorite thing. And for this outfit I thought a more hat-like headwear would be more appropriate anyway. So, I started looking around for ideas and inspirationl. Searched the … Continue reading

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