Pelisse with military inspired trimming

Tweet I haven’t been posting alot of sewing projects on here for a while, but I’ll change that by writing about the outift I made and wore for this years Jane Austen festival. Wearing my new outfit in Bath I’ve had a plan in the back of my head for a long time now of making myself a pelisse, a wool pelisse with military inspired trims and decoration. For some reason I have kept putting it off, but now the time had come to make something of my idea. With most of the things I have made I have looked … Continue reading

My Lizzie Bennet dress

Tweet I’ve made a new Regency dress! I know… some of you may be thinking, “this is the second one this summer, did she really need another dress?” well, perhaps not, but I wanted one! I bought the fabric for this dress months ago, and before then I’d already had my eye on it for quite a while. You know the dress Elizabeth Bennet wears in the 1995 BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, a white, rather sheer dress with stripes (also white), elbowlenght sleeves and little tucks at the hem? She wears it on lots of occasions, when she first visits … Continue reading

After a looong time… my latest Regency ballgown. And shoes….

Tweet A long time ago I said I would do a post about my most recent ballgown, the one I made for year 2011’s Jane Austen festival. Well, took me some time to get around to posting it. But I felt I should do it, soon I’ll start making new things and it won’t do to wait even longer! 😛 Taking pictures of a dress like this in the snow was cold. VERY cold!  When I was going to Bath and knew I would be attending three balls in the course of one week (ah, those were the days!) I … Continue reading

After much talk here it is; my Victorian corset!

Tweet At long last I have at last gotten around to taking some pictures of my much talked of corset. My vision at first was to get some duchesse satin for my corset, in a white or cream color. That was my dream. It did however prove hard to find duchesse. None of the shops that I went into had it, the only place where I found it was online. However when I saw the price of it I quickly re-evaluated how important it was to me and came to the conclusion that that dream will keep. I shall make … Continue reading

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to….

Tweet ….my SEWING ROOM!!!! That’s right, I have a new sewing room! Or sewing ‘studio’ as I like to call it. Up till this point I have done all of my sewing in a part of the dining room that I have taken over as mine. I had a table with my sewing machines on and then I had the rest of my sewing stuff in other parts of the house; my fabrics in a wardrobe upstairs, other sewing equipment in two different places in the house, ironboard stored away…. So doing something is always a big project. And I … Continue reading

40’s dress! :D

Tweet I’ve got another sewing project to share with you now. My 40’s dress! 🙂 I bought the wonderful Sense & Sensibility Swing Dress Pattern a few years back, as my sister was in need of a 40’s dress for an event that she was attending. And ever since I made that one for her I have thought that sooner or later I would like to make one for myself as well. It’s such a pretty style, and (as I keep reminding everyone) it is also a style that, whilst still historic, can be used for more everyday occasions than … Continue reading

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