A quilt I made (some time ago)

Tweet Now this isn’t a new sewing project, I actually finished it some six months (or more) ago. But I got the idea to post it here anyway when discussing quilts with some of you in a comment to one of my previous posts. It was in 2005, when I was in Australia together with my family on our around the world trip, that I came up with the idea of  making a quilt like this. I saw before me just how I wanted it to look, so I drew it up on a piece of paper, so as not … Continue reading

Here are the pictures I promised

Tweet I promised you I would post pictures of my new dress here soon. Well, now I will. After I finally decided that I am going to the Jane Austen Festival later this year, I realized that I really should finish my dress before then, as I would need it. And I can tell you, just the fact that I really needed a Regency dress, was motivating enough to get me to actually finish it! I made the dress using the same pattern I have used for my previous ones, this one. I did make some slight changes to it … Continue reading

Another sewing project completed

Tweet I just finished another Regency dress! Well, almost finished it at least. I still have to sew in some buttons, but I need to buy some of those first. I started this project several months ago, and it’s not like me to have an unfinished sewing project lying around for long without completing it. But something went wrong, or just didn’t work out the way I wanted it to, and I got so frustrated that I didn’t find the energy and will to tackle it again for the loooongest time! Not until now, when I decided I needed to get … Continue reading

I have to show you my new fabrics!

Tweet We used to have a little home decorating and interior design shop very close to where I live. I say used to because it closed a couple of days ago. I think it’s a great pity that it has closed because it was such a lovely store, even though I hardly ever bought anything there since all the fabrics they sold were designers fabrics and far from cheap! But now, these last week or two the lady who owned the shop sold everything at 50%. And she had these samples, fabric samples from Designers Guild that were out of … Continue reading

My second Regency gown

Tweet After I had made my first Regency gown, it didn’t take me long before I thought it was time I made another one. I was so pleased with the result of my first one that I was most excited at the thought of having one more. However, when I had my fabric all cut out and was sitting down by my sewing machine to begin, it just refused to work! Whatever I did it wouldn’t cooperate! That is one of the most frustrating things ever, when you are all ready and excited to start a project and then something … Continue reading

My first Regency gown

Tweet I thought I should share with you some pictures of the Regency style clothes I have made for myself so far. I will begin with the first such dress I made.  At first I found the fashion and the style of this era to be a little… well… weird. At least the ladies dresses. But that was before I became a true Jane Austen fan. Since then I have not only become used to the way the dresses looked at that time but I have also grown to love the simple, yet so elegant look that was in fashion during the … Continue reading

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