You’re all invited!

Tweet You are all invited to an event here at my family’s home in the heart of beautiful Sweden. For several years my family has been hosting different camps and gatherings here at our home. Mostly it has been homeschooling gatherings where we’ve had about 100 attendants from all over Europe, and indeed, the world! This years gathering will be slightly different though. This years camp is meant to be an inspiring week for those who wish to, or already do, live their life outside of the rat race. A week to encourage and inspire each others, share ideas, and … Continue reading

Congratulations Victoria and Daniel!

Tweet I just have to post some pictures of the newlyweds; Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden. As most of you are probably aware (at least here in Sweden it has been impossible to miss!) they were married yesterday. And for the first time in my life I spent 12 hours in a row in front of the TV. I never knew how exhausting 12 hours of TV could be, but it was so worth it! The wedding was enchantingly beautiful! Just like a real fairytale! Half a million people were out on the streets of Stockholm, the … Continue reading

Back home again

Tweet So I’m back. I arrived back at home late yesterday afternoon and already I find myself wishing that I could go back again! I left home on Thursday early in the morning. And for the first time in my entire life I was rather dreading flying! I’ve never felt afraid of flying before, but this time I did. It was weird, and not very pleasant. However the trip all went so well and when I went back home I seemed to have gotten over this fear. Yay! 😀 After arriving in England I got on a bus that took … Continue reading

A walk through historic Örebro

Tweet My dear mama and I have just come back from the nearby town of Örebro. We went there yesterday to a concert with a Swedish folk music group, (they played a kind of modernized folk music, it was very good!) and since it got quite late we stayed the night with my grandmother who lives there. It isn’t far, but we were in no mood for driving back anyway. This morning we walked about town looking in shop windows (alas mostly in the windows as the majority of the smaller shops that we looked at were closed today) and … Continue reading


Tweet Here in Sweden today is a day we call “Semmeldagen”, or offcially “Fettisdagen”. And on this day it is tradition to eat what we call “Semlor”. Instead of pancakes like I believe a lot of other places do. A Semla is a bun filled with marzipan (or it’s not quite marzipan, it’s slightly different, but I don’t know what that is called in English…) and topped with whipped cream. Very healthy I know. 😉 But oh so good! As tradition has it you should only eat them on this day. But nowadays they start selling them right after Christmas! … Continue reading

And so this year draws to a close

Tweet It’s New Yeas Eve and the end, not only of a year but of a decade! On this day, every year, I find myself thinking of all the thins that have happened to me and in the world over the year that has been. This hasn’t always been the easiest year I would say for me. There has been many challenges and opportunities for learning (another way of saying problems). But it has also been a wonderful year in so many ways! I have been able to do so many amazing things, met so many wonderful people and learnt … Continue reading

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