Lacock – my Bath trip part 7

Tweet To continue with my Bath trip then. On the Friday that week me and two of the ladies I was staying with, Diewertje and Odette, had decided we were going to visit Lacock village. I think a lot of you are familiar with why one would like to visit Lacock, but if anyone is wondering why and what this place holds for interest to a goup of Janeites, then let me explain to you. Lacock was used to film the town of Meryton in BBC’c Pride & Prejudice. It has also been used as Cranford, in the series with … Continue reading

Finally, my first update from Bath

Tweet The festival is over, for this year. 🙁 I am in St Albans now, visiting my sister here for a few days. I will be heading back to Sweden the day after tomorrow. So obviously I have lots to tell you about my time in Bath, and quite a few pictures to share. Where to start…? I arrived in Bath around 3 pm on the 17th. And the first thing I did was head to the place where I would be staying. Since I was the first of our little group to arrive I had to go there and … Continue reading

And so it’s time…

Tweet And so at last the time has come, I’m off to Bath tomorrow for the Jane Austen festival (I thought I’d better metion why, in case anyone has miraculously managed to escape hearing that fact from me before…)! Neadless to say I am super excited about it!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 I do not know whether I will have any chance to go online while I’m away, if I do I’ll try to get a short update on here sometime. Otherwise I’ll tell you all about it and share lots of pictures (hopefully) once I get back home … Continue reading


Tweet Hmm, lets see, what have I managed to pack now…? – White Regency dress (yes) – Blue and white gingham Regency dress (yes) – Red silk ballgown (yes) – Newly finished blue and green flowered drawstring dress (yes) – Spencer jacket (yes) – 2 shawls (yes) – 1 chemise, no wait a minute, make that 2 chemises. I just finished making another one, as I thought it might be good to have. (yes) – Stays (yes) – Chemisette, for colder weather (yes) – Bonnet x 3 (yes) – Black boots to go with the dresses (yes) – 2 pairs … Continue reading

Florence – part 7 – Some Fantastic Photos

Tweet I promised you that I would post some  more photos, ones that are not taken by me (you might all be tired of photos from my trip to Florence by this time but I really want to post these, so I hope you won’t mind 🙂 ). All of these photos are taken by Phil Thomason, and if you want to check out all the photos he took of the event you can see them on his website Thomason Photography. There are so many amazing photos, I would like to post them all! However I am not going to … Continue reading

Florence – part 6 – Pisa

Tweet This really shouldn’t go under the title Florence I suppose, but it fits better in with the rest that way. 😉 As I was flying both to and from Pisa this time I thought it would be fun to actually go into the city and have look at the famous building they have there; the leaning tower of Pisa. When I arrived in Italy it was evening and I had no time for any sightseeing. That is why I decided to leave Florence slightly earlier in the day, so I would have some time to look around. I was … Continue reading

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