Hello, I’m back!

Tweet And so I’m back. After a lovely weekend with friends, out by the sea in the Stockholm archipelago.  Our friends have a summer place there. And what a place it is! It’s in a very luxurious area, since it’s by the sea and yet so close to the city. And there are a number of famous people who live out there. One of their neighbors for example is the Swedish tennis legend Björn Borg! We had a very good time there. Relaxing, swimming in the sea, going for walks in the nature reserve just by the house, playing games, … Continue reading

Ready and Action!

Tweet Now, I know that this has absolutley nothing whatsoever to do with Jane Austen or anything like that, but I’m going to post it anyway. Today we have been doing some film shooting here. You see, my parents have just created this website www.extendedworldtravel.com which is all about how it is possible for everyone to travel basically. As some of you know I come from a family that is more than a little bit addicted to traveling. And we have created this website as a way of showing people how it can be possible for them too! And so … Continue reading

My Journey With Austen (so far) continued

Tweet In the autumn of 2006 my family was planning a trip to England. Or rather, I planned a trip to England. I had come to the conclusion that I really, really wanted to visit Jane Austen’s House, Chawton Cottage, and so convinced the rest of my family that it was absolutely necessary for us to go for a week long trip to the country where the greatest author in history lived. We drove down from London to Hampshire, until we saw this sign! The for a lot of Janeites well known house soon came into view. Chawton Cottage (or … Continue reading

My journey with Austen (so far)

Tweet Personally I always find it interesting to hear people’s stories of how they came to read Jane Austen’s books, so I thought I should share with you how I first came in contact with her work. I had heard of Jane Austen before, but I never really concidered reading her books (indeed, I didn’t even know what books she had written!) until November 2004. At the time I was, together with my family, on a six months trip around the world. We were at our first stop, which was Ann Arbor in Michigan. Being a family where 100% of us could … Continue reading

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