“Jane’s Marriage”, a poem by Rudyard Kipling

I just came across this poem, I have never seen it before. It’s a poem written by Rudyard Kipling, as a tribute to Jane Austen whom he greatly admired. I thought it was very beautiful, and I want to share it with you here.

Jane’s Marriage

Jane went to Paradise:
That was only fair.
Good Sir Walter followed her,
And armed her up the stair.
Henry and Tobias,
And Miguel of Spain,
Stood with Shakespeare at the top
To welcome Jane –

Then the Three Archangels
Offered out of hand
Anything in Heaven’s gift
That she might command.
Azrael’s eyes upon her,
Raphael’s wings above,
Michael’s sword against her heart,
Jane said: “Love.”

Instantly the under-
Standing Seraphim
Laid their fingers on their lips
And went to look for him.
Stole across the Zodiac,
Harnessed Charles’s Wain,
And whispered round the Nebulae
“Who loved Jane?”

In a private limbo
Where none had thought to look,
Sat a Hampshire gentleman
Reading of a book.
It was called Persuasion
And it told the plain
Story of the love between
Him and Jane.

He heard the question,
Circle Heaven through –
Closed the book and answered: “I did – and do!”
Quietly but speedily
(As Captain Wentworth moved)
Entered into Paradise
The man Jane loved!

And then these four lines are by themselves:

Jane lies in Winchester, blessed be her shade!
Praise the Lord for making her, and her for all she made.
And while the stones of Winchester – or Milson Street – remain,
Glory, Love, and Honour unto England’s Jane!

Ready and Action!

Now, I know that this has absolutley nothing whatsoever to do with Jane Austen or anything like that, but I’m going to post it anyway.

Today we have been doing some film shooting here. You see, my parents have just created this website www.extendedworldtravel.com which is all about how it is possible for everyone to travel basically. As some of you know I come from a family that is more than a little bit addicted to traveling. And we have created this website as a way of showing people how it can be possible for them too!

And so today we have been filming a short welcome film that will be placed on the first page, please go and check it out!

We had a fun time with the shooting, I don’t know how many re-takes we had to do before we got one that was ok. I can understand why they have to do so many takes when they are making films!
And just when we were almost done with one take that we thought was really good, Tsaritza (one of our three cats) came inte the room and began playing with the cable for the video camera! And instantly everyone lost their focus; I thought she was going to pull down the camera and break it! But she didn’t. We did have to do another take though…

Anyway, I just thought I’d post the link here, if someone would like to have a look. The website is really, really great by the way! I most heartily recommend it! 😉

My Journey With Austen (so far) continued

In the autumn of 2006 my family was planning a trip to England. Or rather, I planned a trip to England. I had come to the conclusion that I really, really wanted to visit Jane Austen’s House, Chawton Cottage, and so convinced the rest of my family that it was absolutely necessary for us to go for a week long trip to the country where the greatest author in history lived.
We drove down from London to Hampshire, until we saw this sign!

Jane Austen's House sign


The for a lot of Janeites well known house soon came into view. Chawton Cottage (or the Jane Austen House Museum) where Jane lived for the last eight years of her life and where, as far as we know, she was very happy!


Here we are; Chawton Cottage!

Unfortunately you were not allowed to take any pictures inside the house, otherwise I would have! It was an amazing experience for me to be there! To be at the very place where Jane lived, where she wrote most of her work, to see the table at which she sat and worked, where all her six novels were either written or edited! I think that was perhaps the most special thing to see!
As I said you couldn’t take any photos, but I found this one on the internet and thought I’d add it here.


Jane's writing desk!

We spent several hours at the museum, looking at everything in great detail. And before we left we had to visit the gift shop, which we enjoyed browsing for quite some time! Admiring everything they have (so many books that I should like to get some day!) and talking to the lady who worked there.

Then we slowly made our way into the garden. We were there in November, so not a lot of flowers at that time. And there you were allowed to take photos! =)


The Austen's, at the moment very flower-less, garden


Me outside the house


My whole family outside the house

As the museum closed we made our way to the nearby town of Winchester, where the next important place on my list was. It is there, in Winchester Cathedral, that Jane Austen is buried. The cathedral is supposed to be a most lovely one, but I am afraid we didn’t see any other than the most important part of it (Jane’ grave, if you hadn’t guessed) as it was getting pretty late and we were all slightly worn and tired by this time.  But we saw what we had come there to see. And it was a very special thing for me to experience!
Once again my own photos fail me and I am bound to rely on the internet to illustrate this.


Jane's grave

And as we exited the cathedral there was just one more stop left on our list for that day; the house where Jane Austen died. The house is not at all far from the cathedral. It is not possible to go inside to visit it as it is privately owned. Jane lived here for the last few days of her life. She had come in to Winchester in order so that she could be close to a doctor, but unfortunately that didn’t make much of a difference.


A not so good picture of me outside the house where Jane died (but the only one I had)


This is so sad!

It was a most lovely day and I should very much like to go back again for another visit (not least because of the gift store with all those books! 😉 )!

This is a link to Jane Austen’s House Museum’s website for those who are interested: HERE

Regency World Awards 2009

The Jane Austen Center in Bath is having the second annual Jane Austen’s Regency World Awards. And they invite everyone to join in and vote for who and what should win. There are seven awards, and people are nominated for things they have done over the last couple of years.The various categories are:

– Best Actor
– Best Actress
– Best Supporting Actor
-Best New Adaptation
– Best New Fiction
– Best New Non-Fiction
And…. Best Ever Mr. Darcy!

I have voted already, and I thought that there might be someone else out there who’d like to express their opinion about who should win! So I thought I’d post it here. http://www.janeausten.co.uk/awardsurvey.ihtml

It is also possible to purchase tickets to the actual awards ceremony that will take place in England, Bath (where else?) on the 8th of July. I want to go…!

Quoting Jane 2

I have had a rather busy day today and it’s getting late as I am writing this. So I’m off to bed soon, I just thought I’d post this quote that I came across as I was reading Northanger Abbey (again). I thought it was a really good quote, even though we, of course, already knew that novels can be what they are described as here! 😉

It is only a novel!… in short, only some work in which the greatest powers of the mind are displayed, in which the most thorough knowledge of human nature, the happiest delineation of its varieties, the liveliest effusions of wit and humor are conveyed to the world in the best chosen language.

(Northager Abbey)

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